We make
your world
more human

Our purpose is to
lead the change on
climate action
through circular, sustainable businesses.
We want to be at the forefront of technologies
and businesses that can not only limit the
damage done but also make life thrive.

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We are an opportunity led business that looks
to invest in emerging technologies and
businesses that lead climate impact, carbon
neutrality, circularity & sustainability.

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  • Energy recovery from waste is the conversion of non-recyclable waste materials
    into usable heat, electricity, or fuel, is referred to as waste to energy.
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  • We are market leaders in construction and demolition (C&D) waste management
    and recycling products from private and industrial construction activities.
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  • One of our big thrust areas is the Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) space. We are
    committed to developing green and brownfield projects that help produce a low
    carbon alternative to fossil fuel-based natural gas.
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  • We provide end-to-end collection and transportation (C&T) services of municipal
    solid waste (MSW) to desiganted sites. We work closely with local goverements, municipalities,panchayats and private bodies in our efforts.
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